Terms and Condition

  • Applicant/s hereby undertake to execute the agreement for sale as per the Company’s policy within a period of 15 to 30 days from the date of confirmation of provisional booking.
  • Applicant/s hereby undertake to make payments as per your payment schedule and also undertake to pay an interest on overdue payments if any.
  • Applicant/s hereby undertake to pay a cancellation fee @ 10% of total consideration amount paid before agreement while after agreement a cancellation fee @ 10 % of total consideration amount.
  • Applicant/s hereby indemnify the Company towards any legal proceedings pertaining to payments / cancellation etc. with regard to terms and conditions.
  • Nominations if any, will be subject to the approval of the Company upon payment of charges in terms of the Agreement plus applicable tax.
  • Submission of the Application form does not create any right in favour of the applicant. The ultimate right in favour of the applicant for the apartment / unit / car parking will be created upon the execution of Deed of Conveyance.
  • Disputes if any, would be subject to the Courts within the jurisdiction of Kolkata only.
  • All taxes existing or new levied by the Govt. will be payable extra by the applicant, without disputing the same.
  • Applicant/s agree to be contacted via WhatsApp, SMS, Phone, Email etc.