Setting Up Your Home


Setting Up Your Home – A Guide For Newlyweds

A huge congratulations to all those who have recently tied the knot and are looking forward to the next step– owning a house together. Now, gearing up to make your first purchase as a couple can be exciting as well as quite stressful and daunting at the same time. Venturing out of the comfort of your parents’ house and creating your own home with your spouse and sharing it. However, worry not, here is a comprehensive guide for all the newlyweds looking forward to setting up their own abode.

The Crucial First Step- Budget

Taking the first step is always the scariest part of embarking on any venture. The first step should always be to agree on a budget. Don’t get carried away with the thrill of buying a new home as a newlywed couple. Fix your monthly expenditures and calculate the amount of money you can keep aside for rent and other housing amenities. Also, try to include miscellaneous costs in your monthly budgets.

Invest Some Time In Market Survey

A house is more than just four walls. It needs furniture, pantry items, curtains, appliances, utensils, and much more. The prices of such items vary across stores and are also dependent on the quality and the quantity. Hence, it is extremely crucial to do a market survey to check the prices and the quality of the products across various retail stores. This will help you in availing of the best deal for yourself. Think long-term while you purchase furniture and home accessories. We also recommend shopping for the necessities before splurging on luxuries

Decide On A Neighbourhood

This is also a crucial step towards setting up your first home as it will help you narrow down your options and filter your choices accordingly. The price or rent would also be largely dependent on this factor. However, you should also consider other aspects while deciding like safety, connectivity, accessibility, and so on.

Decide On The Space Divisions

Pre-plan the spaces that you want to include in your home. Allot the amount of space that you need for each room. This will help you in choosing the furniture and setting them up accordingly.

Accommodation, teamwork and a pre-planned strategy can help the journey of setting up a new home, a breeze. Your home should reflect you and your partner. So don’t forget to add elements that reflect both of your relationship and personalities. Experiment with both of your styles and make your first home a happy place for both. As the saying goes, “ Home is where the heart is”. At the end of the day, it is love that helps you build a home out of a house.