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Give Your Home A Spacious Facelift | Be a Pro at Space Management

If you often find yourself thinking of how to make your home look spacious, then you are not alone. A plenty of us share the same feeling, continuously struggling with interior planning and utilizing maximum of the available space. You might think it is a great deal and requires a lot of creative planning, but it is no rocket science. And having said that, space management doesn’t mean compromising on any of the living aspects.

Here we will guide you with a few tips and tricks to get the most out of your home:

1. The Art of Illusion:

The Art of Illusion

One such way to create the perfect illusion of a bigger house is by strategically placing mirrors. A huge mirror on the wall can instantly add depth to the smallest of spaces. Pointing it towards any source of natural light will additionally make the room lit up. The mirror can also be mounted on a cupboard or cabinets.

Another trick to make your room look spacious is to use see-through décor. Using see-through curtains, glass tables, or adding decorative glass as a separator between rooms will make it look big. Having a floor-to-ceiling curtain will add an extra illusion of a wider room.

2. Paint Me Neutral


The right colour can do wonders for you. Add depth and space by using earthy or neutral tones for that soothing effect and an illusion of wider space. If you are feeling experimental, you can have an accent wall with a darker tone that blends well with your main colour scheme. This will make the room pop and give it a decorative flair.

3. Declutter your Space:

The Art of Illusion

Too many things will make a small space look smaller. Decluttering your space will come to the recuse. But this doesn’t mean having fewer things around. Make use of the vertical space available with racks and shelves. Multi-functional or wall-mounted furniture is also a great choice when it comes to organizing your things. Dark coloured cabinets in the living room, kitchen, around the basin, are an elegant way to tidy up your home. All these will eliminate your need for extra space to put your things. Moreover, you can customize all these according to your requirement from a local carpenter without worrying about the market value.

4. Make Functionality your Friend:

The Art of Illusion

Add elements to your home that are multipurpose in nature. Like a couch that can be converted into a single bed when required or a bed with drawers for storage, there are plenty of options that will instantly give you extra space.

It can be challenging to decorate your home to its optimum potential, but these few tips are a saviour that will give your home the edge and space.