Advantages of Buying a Ready-To-Move-In Home


Advantages of Buying a Ready-To-Move-In Home

The key to security is having a home of your own. When we are emotionally ready and financially equipped to take this huge step, often the home buyers are troubled by two options, to buy a Ready-to-move-in (RTM) home or book an under-construction one. Observing the current real estate market and the ever-changing dynamics of it, RTM homes are on the rage in comparison to their counterpart. With an evident lower financial risk and immediate possession, below are few advantages of going for a Ready-to-move-in home:

Instant Gratification

One of the prime advantages of buying an RTM home is its instant availability. There is no waiting before you can shift to your dream home, the instant gratification that an RTM home provides, is one of the main reasons for it’s rising demands. The possession starts within a brief period of time after the payment and documentation process is over.

What You See is What You Get

In the case of RTM Homes, what you see is what you get. There is no uncertainty involving space, size of the rooms, available amenities and features. You have the luxury to physically inspect the minutest of details of your dream abode rather than just relying on a brochure. This allows you to decide whether the purchase is worth all your savings or all the features and amenities satisfy you, saving you from any future deception.

Easy Home Loan

The most availed financial medium of purchasing a house, whether it is an RTM home or an under-construction one, is Home Loan. There are high chances of getting your loan approved and getting a lower interest rate while applying loan for an RTM home due to the lower risk of delay involved.

Financial Savings

A buyer seeking Home Loan is entitled to claim Tax Benefits on the interest amount when they gain possession of the house, which is a minimum period in the case of the RTM homes.

Ready to move in properties are also exempted from GST. There is 5% GST applicable on under-construction properties under premium housing and under affordable housing, it is 1%. Though the RTM properties are priced higher than the under-construction ones, however, the price discrepancy is gradually decreasing day by day.

The Neighbourhood

Everyone desires a home that is surrounded by a community to grow in, filled with friendly faces. While searching your RTM home you also get a rough idea about the surroundings of your home, the locality, how the neighbours are, connectivity and nearby landmarks.

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