Sureka group is a leading group of companies helping to make the world a better place to live. With the good growth plan, we aim to make a deep, lasting and positive impact on the communities. That way, we can contribute to the long-term sustainability of our planet.

Innovation plays a key role in fueling our company's performance. We provide our customers across the world with an unparalleled range of products and we continually seek new ways to meet challenges.

The success of our business depends above all on the people who work here. Nurturing talent and creativity is at the heart of our culture.

Our Culture

When people ask our employees what they like about the sureka group, the first thing they say is the sense of empowerment to solve problems. Second, they like the advanced technology and the opportunity to work with smart, highly-skilled people.

As a responsible group we seriously take the responsibility to create a stimulating workplace.

With a team of dedicate people working together in a culture of continuous learning, things can get intense. At the sureka group, we believe strongly in work-life balance and providing our employees with opportunities to find rewarding experiences .

We believe our culture is a major attraction. These are our defining characteristics:

  • Process of continuous learning
  • Benefits
  • Diversity
  • Values
  • Dynamic careers

Sureka group believes that happiness is an essential ingredient in an extraordinary life. Sureka group inspires others to strive to be their best in all areas of life. We always wanted Sureka group to be a place that brought together smart, talented people from diversity of backgrounds, and where you can bring your whole self to work.

Energy is Contagious in Sureka Group..

Collaboration is all about working together to overcome challenges. At Sureka group, it's all about sharing your knowledge and experience with your colleagues to make work more delightful and at ease.