Children learn from their surroundings, developing skills from everything they see. Children must learn the right things from what they see around them. Their insights develop from a very young age helping them to develop certain skills to interact with everything they come across.

1. Family and Bonding


The single most important influence on a child’s development is their family. The availability of recreational facilities in a gated community or around a stand-alone apartment makes the child-parent bonding easy. The bonding within a family encourages emotional development and nurtures trust, compassion, and empathy which shapes the identity of a child in the future.

2. Physical Environment:



The place we live is where the child learns the most. The effect of the physical surroundings helps in the enrichment of values, morals, understanding, and forgiveness in them. Health is a major contributing factor in the growth of a child. Living in communities, help in better physical and mental growth for the children. The right exposure and the right environment have an extensive impact on the child’s behavior. 

3. Social Skills: 



Being around people for most hours of the day, children are more likely to develop interpersonal skills that increase their social approach, self-dependence, and confidence. A loving surrounding helps in building stronger bonds with them and make them feel safe. A safe and secure environment is a bonus that helps the child to thrive in all aspects of life.

4. Learning: 



In addition to learning at school, the home environment stimulates the child’s mental development. A calm and peaceful surrounding, allows children to focus on improving their abilities while being at home. Living in communities that create opportunities for the child to explore their interests, especially at home. It instills a sense of curiosity, which encourages them in questioning everything and finding solutions. 


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