Rent or buy an apartment?


The pangs of deciding whether to buy your first apartment or stay in a cozy rented place is a taxing job indeed. To weigh in the pros and cons can take an eternity, not to mention the surge of confusion that comes with it. Here are a few pointers to help you take a quicker and a wiser decision!


1. Landlord vs. Own lord –





Take it from the people who’ve stayed in rented apartments, that peace is a farfetched wish wherever a landlord is involved in the equation. Even though taking a house on rent goes easy on your pocket, it also brings in it’s own set of turmoil. Whereas, living in your own bought flat, makes you feel like the king/queen with a castle of your own! No one to respond to but your self in a place where you do whatever you wish to! Just don’t do creepy stuff like playing planchette.



2. Always ready for décor? 




 ‘Did you ask me before putting up that painting, that vase, that chair, that table, that bed sheet, that toothbrush, that vacuum cleaner’, and the list goes on! Pretty much any change you bring inside your landlord’s precious four walls, requires His/Her Highness’ permission. But in your own den, you’re the God of your will. Go wild with making your home look like a work of art!





3. Sneak in your guests!




It is the most irritating thing in the world to have your landlord keep a track of all the guests you’ve ever brought at your place. And even then, the landlord has an opinion! A house of your own buying would not have such issues. That’s something to think about!




4. Enter deadline!



10 PM. That’s the ‘ten’tative deadline in a rented apartment. You cross a minute and chances are you’re either sleeping on the road or getting a hearing from your landlord for waking him/her up from his/her boredom!! Now, at your own house in perhaps a community, you return at your own convenience.




5. No surprise checks by a stranger!



At the end of each month, at the time of paying the rent, the landlord or lady would rush into your (technically his/her) apartment to randomly survey the entire property if it’s in tact or not! That’s a pretty annoying moment isn’t it? Think about the freedom you’d have at your own house!

We all want a roof under our heads. But what we don’t want is a master above it! Take the wiser decision! 


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