The Team

Several words describe Sureka’s management team. Innovators. Experienced. “Been there, done that.” Sureka’s team of professionals brings a combination of managerial and technical expertise that infuses a fresh, yet knowledgeable, outlook on the needs of today’s marketplace. The Group’s managers specialise in project planning and engineering, production and product development, marketing and exports, finance and investments and Human Resource Development.

The Group believes in leveraging knowledge, innovation and technical excellence at all levels in the service of its customers and actively engages in holistic Customer Relationship Management.

The Company has invested in ERP solutions to fine-tune its operations—the power and centralised features of the solution to centralise information and enable data mixing provides a great deal of flexibility to the business. The successful implementation of knowledge management can provide the capability to understand the market, accurately assess the customers’ needs, and turn them into products and services by integrating organizational resources. The Sureka Group also invests in knowledge management resources to ensure a balance between entrepreneurial flair and professional management skills. The essence of organizational learning is the organization’s ability to use the amazing mental capacity of its team to create the kind of processes that will improve its own objectives for themselves and the communities in which they participate and serve.

For sustainable success, performance orientation and customer focus is imperative in a team. In the view of the management, only where people grow does the organisation grow. The Group’s commitment to its people is reflected in the sense of belonging and pride every employee feels towards the Group and the passion and commitment they bring to their work.