Business Process

The Sureka Group is run by a team of trailblazers headed by B D Sureka, who is the Chairman and Founder of the group.

Arun Sureka and Pradeep Sureka are responsible for the policy directions of the Group.

However the Sureka Group vision rests on a combination of entrepreneurial and professional skills.

The pride of family ownership is balanced by an experienced team of managers with the Group’s vision at the core. Development, understood as widening the range of people’s choices, has to consider three interrelated and crucial dimensions—human, or “people-centric” development, global corporate development, sustainable development. Together they imply a radical change to the current development paradigm.

These three dimensions represent the conceptual base and necessary focus of action for people’s movements, for policy making and for the missions of any initiative like that of the Sureka Group.

  • Human development means investing in human capabilities to empower individuals to take charge of the Company. Therefore, the benefits of development are to be directed towards them and it should serve them. It means that economic growth is distributed fairly and widely, that people benefit from their contributions to work and social life, and are given the chance to participate in the process.
  • Global corporate development has three dimensions: spatial, time and holistic. The spatial dimension refers to ensuring that actions have applicability to the rest of the Group. The time dimension provides for a perspective of the continuity of events and facts. The holistic dimension ensures that development is not fragmented, but analysed from an integrated viewpoint and as a part of the same system.
  • Sustainable development utilises resources to satisfy present needs without compromising the satisfaction of the needs of future generations.